CSS Obfuscator ( JS version) Cate

What it does:

  • It will take your CSS file, apply minification, encoding and encypting and finally injects this unreadable crap into tailored JS library (also obfuscated).
  • The result you will get is this tailored (unique) library, containing obfuscated CSS. Just include it in the place of the original CSS.

What it does not:

  • It will not speed up displaying of your web.
  • It will not hide CSS rules in inspector (developer's tools) - but it don't mind, attacker will probably not copy all stuff by one rule.

Notice: At-rules (@charset, @media, ...) are not supported yet, except @import. Move them into other, non-obfuscated files.

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Currently having

CSS files

Clean CSS
#logo a {
    color: #555;

.btn-flat:hover, .btn-flat:active {
    background: #333;
    color: #DDD;
    text-shadow: none;
#logo a{color:#555;}.btn-flat:hover,.btn-flat:active{background:#333;color:#DDD;text-shadow:none;}
Active protection
  • Handled by script
  • Active cryptography
  • Covers its track
  • Self defending in development

Supported browsers

Chrome 14+ Firefox 3.6+ Internet Explorer 8+ Opera 10+ Safari 5.1+